In 2017, we published our first Stewardship Report, which focused on our journey of stewardship and our roles — as individuals, as a firm, and within our communities — as shepherds of critical resources.

A lot can happen in a year, as Mother Nature ever reminds us.

And this year, as we continue to share our stewardship journey, we take a much closer look at perhaps the most precious resource to life as we know it: WATER.

Dirk Kestner
Director of Sustainable Design

Water is essential. Too little and we cannot survive; too much can lead to devastation. And while we certainly can’t predict or control Mother Nature, we can intelligently manage this critical resource to protect habitat, mitigate risk, and possibly prevent catastrophe.

As we delve more deeply into the stewardship of water, we consider the critical element from three perspectives:

  1. Water as a resource
  2. Water risks
  3. Water management

Group expound on these areas, endeavoring to clarify this somewhat vast and complex topic of water.

We hope you’ll join us once more on this journey of stewardship.

Andrés A. Salazar, PhD, PE, D.WRE
Managing Director, Water Resources Engineering

The Impact of Water

Identification of water resources, evaluation of risk, and planning for management policy provides the framework for truly understanding the cycle of water and what effect it has on the environment, property owners, and communities. Engineering solutions to address water management play a significant role in the overall education of water.

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Insights from those in the know

As good stewards of water, we not only cherish its life-sustaining abilities, but we respect its unpredictability and associated risks. Conserving and effectively managing water, therefore, is crucial to mitigating potential damage due to draught or deluge. In the following briefs, our Water Resources experts address some of the foremost water-related issues affecting communities today.

Stewardship in Action

“Everything in moderation” is not a concept well-known to Mother Nature. When it comes to water, therefore, it is important for property owners to know their risk and employ strategies to help minimize damages. Here, we share some examples of flood response, flood protection, and waterway restoration in action.

Stewardship begins within.

Help us shepherd this critical resource.

Walter P Moore